The why.

Dear Facebook Education Modernization Team,

Painting a picture with words is my passion. Making that picture part of a strategy is my craft. I’ve had the privilege of developing my skills as a dynamic content strategist for nearly five years, starting at mission-driven nonprofits and most recently making the transition into tech. 

I never would have dreamed I’d be working in the tech industry. As a Hispanic woman and daughter of immigrants, my perception of computer science was that it simply ‘wasn’t for me.’ According to a recent Microsoft study, most girls lose interest in STEM by age 15—my drop-off was even sooner at age 13. 

Although I don’t regret my career path, I never lost sight of the importance of education, and it’s what fueled my move to the Bay Area to work for a nonprofit that connects kids to nature. While at outdoor education nonprofit NatureBridge, I crafted and executed on a unified communications strategy tailored for our various audiences including educators, teachers, parents and students. Of all the projects I spearheaded, my most cherished one was the Educator Spotlight Series. Launched as an effort to showcase NatureBridge’s passionate educators, the series consisted of interviewing select educators, telling their unique stories, and then tailoring them for our blog, social media and internal/external newsletters. One key goal was to highlight educators from diverse backgrounds in an effort to boost our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and recruit more staff from underrepresented communities.

Making the jump from nonprofit to join a startup has taught me to be scrappy, resourceful and incredibly results-oriented. As Director of Content and Social Marketing at startup HYP3R—which stopped operating in August of this year—I built a foundational content strategy, launched a social media rebrand and created a messaging plan which contributed to HYP3R’s highest earning quarter of $1.5M. 

My differentiator, however, is the authenticity I bring to my work. I’m passionate about using education as a mechanism to unlock opportunities for all communities. It would be a privilege to help craft a narrative aimed towards fostering inclusivity and sparking an interest in CS for people from all walks of life. 

Thank you, truly, for taking the time to visit my website and consider me. I hope to hear from you soon.



Gabriela Contreras