Social Rebrand


HYP3R, an advertising technology platform that provided location marketing services for hospitality, retail and travel businesses, needed to find a way to stand out in the stale ad tech space. How could they reach more people and elevate the brand to feel authentic, real and human?



As a B2B SaaS company whose main offering was using social media to help businesses engage with and acquire customers, we decided to leverage social platforms to share content that embodied HYP3R's refreshed, humanized brand voice. After doing research on HYP3R's audiences and current trends, we found that a highly focused Instagram strategy offered the highest opportunity to grow our audience and increase our reach. From there, we’d expand into our various social platforms and integrate paid media into our efforts.

We created four content buckets, shown below. Hover over each to view goals. 

This category was designed to boost employee morale and showcase our diverse company culture with staff spotlight features.

This category was designed to highlight our team’s travels, using them as an opportunity to explore trends in real time and on location.

This category was designed to provide valuable insights and trends for our audiences in the hospitality, retail, and travel space.

To establish ourselves as thought leaders, we created the Experience Masters series to discuss best practices in customer experience (CX).

We established a content calendar to guide how we’d focus our topics, sharing 1-2 Instagram stories weekly and 2-3 branded posts that rotated on our key pillars: industry focus, product features, and state of location marketing. 

Phases were designed to be rolled out as follows:

  • Phase I - Branded posts on Instagram feed and Instagram stories

  • Phase II - Branded posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter tailored for each

  • Phase III - Integration of organic and paid social efforts



Over the course of three months of implementing branded social media content, following doubled on Instagram, and our organic reach increased by 2x across our other social media platforms. 



Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 11.54.09 AM.pn
Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 11.53.55 AM.pn
  • Followers doubled on Instagram

  • We reached 5,000 impressions on IG stories

  • 74% percentage of stories finished

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 12.35.56 PM.pn

Storytelling Series


NatureBridge, an outdoor environmental education nonprofit, needed to differentiate itself from competitors with creative storytelling that highlighted its unique offering.

















NatureBridge programs focus on connecting kids to the natural world in national parks, but educators are both the heart of its mission and its most unsung heroes. In an effort to showcase the talented and passionate educators who work with NatureBridge students, I spearheaded the NatureBridge Educator Spotlight.


I interviewed select educators and told their stories, sharing how they discovered their passion for teaching and for the outdoors.

Spotlight features were then tailored for the following channels with corresponding visuals:

  • Homepage carousel

  • Blog

  • Social media

  • Internal and external newsletter



During my time executing on the Educator Spotlight, NatureBridge’s social presence increased by 80% on Facebook, 30% on Twitter and 15% on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 12.35.56 PM.pn

#GivingTuesday Campaign


NatureBridge, an outdoor environmental education nonprofit, needed to raise funds for its year-end appeal and #GivingTuesday, the largest annual social media donation day.



To highlight NatureBridge's impact, I interviewed students and wrote a series of impact stories from our various national park campuses. Our primary year-end appeal story centered on a 12-year-old Bay Area student from a low-income community who was deeply moved by a NatureBridge program in Yosemite. The year-end appeal story, formatted as a letter, was sent via mail and email to past, current and prospective donors.

I created a #GivingTuesday social media kit for our supporters and board members to share tips, tools and images to drive donations in addition to a full email cadence of day-before, day-of and follow up emails.

Social media #GivingTuesday promo videos (like the one above created for Facebook) branded images, and platform-based content were also shared in the month leading up to the event to generate excitement.



Our year-end appeal letter dissemination coupled with #GivingTuesday efforts resulted in contributions that totaled $30,294.